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Who are the Publishers for mentioned regulations.

Publishers names are needed for following standards for Purchasing it. 1. Field of Vision : Safety standards Article 21 Driver's seat Attachment 29 “Technical Standards for Direct Forward Vision” 2. Wheel Guard and Mudguard : Safety standards Article 18 Car frame and body 3. Pedestrian Protection : Safety standards Article 18 Car frame and body 4. Minimum Ground Clearance : Safety standards Article 3 Minimum ground clearance. Detailed notification Article 163 Minimum ground clearance 5. License Plate : Road Transport Vehicle Law. Road Transport Vehicle Law Enforcement Rules 6. External Projection : Safety standards Article 18 Car frame and body. Detailed Notice Article 22 7. Flame Retardance : Safety standards Article 20 Boarding Equipment 8. Illuminated Type Licence Plate : Accessory 9. Licence Plate Rim : Accessory 10. Crash tests: FR Offset, FRT Full Width, Side Impact, RR Impact Article 18, Attachments 23,24 & 34.

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