If there is an answer that helped you, dont forget to mark it as a solution. This way you will help people that had the same question.

Avoid answers like: "Thank you", "Problem solved"... Mark the answer as a solution instead. This way, everyone will see that the question was solved.

Be careful with expressions like: "kkkk", "lol". These make the text hard to read, lowers its credibility and people may not take it seriously.

Avoid greetings ("Hi, Joe", "My dear friends"...) and closures ("Cheers", "Cya" ...). Because answers are not chronologically ordered, this type of message might confuse those who access the post in the near future.

What can you do with your reputation

  • 2 to vote in any question/answer/comment
  • 10 to flag any question/answer
  • 20 to submit a suggestion for a question edition
  • 20 to submit a suggestion for an answer edition
  • 20 to answer your own question
  • 100 to downvote
  • 2,000 to be able to accept/reject other users editions

How to earn reputation points

  • 20 if your answer is marked as right
  • 10 if your answer is upvoted
  • 5 if your question if upvoted
  • 5 when you mark an answer as right
  • 2 when you make a question
  • 2 when you answer a question
  • 2 if you edit a question/answer and your suggestion is approved
  • 1 if your comment is upvoted
  • -2 if your question/answer is downvoted
  • -1 when you downvote a question/answer. If the question/answer was indeed not related with the subject, these points will be given back to you.


  • What questions should I ask here?

    We expect clear, technical and elaborated questions that explain your problem well. Before asking any question, verify that it wasnt already asked and solved. If your question is relevant, well written and clear, it will certainly be upvoted, people will always give you feedback.

  • What questions shouldnt I ask here?

    The forum is not for discussions, remind yourself to always formulate questions based on problems you are facing. Vague questions and conversations are not ideal. These kinds of questions only take the place of relevant questions in the front page.

  • Which questions show up in the front page?

    All asked questions are displayed in the front page.

  • How and when an edition is approved?

    An edition is only automatically approved if made by the original author or by a moderator. In any other case, the edition is queued and is sent to moderation analysis, therefore its important that you indicate a reason on the editions comment field.

  • I cant find my question, what happened to it?

    It was probably not relevant. Any questions with more than 5(five) downvotes are deleted and cant be visualized anymore.

  • I suddenly received or lost a lot of points, what happened?

    You received votes in a suspect way or exceeded the amount of reputation that can be acquired during a given period. Avoid manipulating the voting system to gain reputation in a easy way; remember that the systems purpose is to help people and the reputation score is only a consequence.